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October 18, 2018 6:03 am


Published on November 4, 2016 at 5:42 am

Disadvantages of Blow Drying On Hair?


Blow dryers can make your hair look lovely. However, all it does is expose your hair to heat, which actually damages your hair. The odds are, your hair ends up frizzy, dried out or with split ends. All these things damage your hair literally.
Most of the women love blow dryers because they help them to dry the wet hair quickly and also style it in their favourite way. However, we should also know the disadvantages of blow drying. Like mentioned above, it is clear that the heat from the blow dryer causes damage to hair.

Here we have given the effects of blow drying on hair.

Excessive dryness of the hair
When you blow dry your hair regularly, it will Blow drying your hair, it can rip off the natural oils that are present in the hair, and thus make your hair brittle, dry and also unmanageable in the long term. When your hair becomes dry, the natural texture and sheen of the hair is also lost and thus it becomes fizzy, rough and weak. This may make it difficult for you to detangle and maintain such hair. It also tends to break easily. Do you think you have such hair? Then the only thing you can do is, add conditioners to your hair care routine, and also make sure that you shampoo less frequently so as to enable building up of natural oils. You should also desist using a blow dryer on your hair, in addition to any other harsh hair styling products.

Damage to the hair cuticles and cells
Regular blow drying can also severely damage the hair fibre. When you heat to dry your hair, then you will be able to see a powdery, whitish appearance on your hair, particularly when you quickly dry out dark hair that is wet. You may also be able to see some glittering speckles on the surface. This is due to the splitting of the cuticle layers caused by blow drying. When you blow dry your hair, the excessive heat can cause damage not only to the outside layers of the cuticle cells but also to their inner portions as well. This, in turn, causes long-term damage to the hair shafts. When the moisture is sucked out of the hair, the cuticle cells grow deformed, and thus the hair becomes remarkably fragile. Owing to this, the hair quickly comes out when you style it or comb it.

Trichorrhexis nodosa
Have you heard about Trichorrhexis nodosa? It is a condition in which the weak points in your hair let it break off faster. Even though the genes can be accountable for this condition in many cases, it can be further produced by blow-drying, over-brushing, perming and applying unnecessary chemicals to your hair on a daily basis. You might be having Trichorrhexis nodosa if your hair is not growing and if you are feeling patchy hair loss. According to the specialists, the condition can be prevented by avoiding unnecessary grooming or even brushing of the hair, and stopping constant blow drying. Other than that, if you prevent the usage of strong chemicals and other harsh hair styling products on the hair, it will help you to avoid this condition.

Blow dryers are mainly known to cause damage to the hair, with signs such as roughness, hair dryness and loss of hair. The outside of hair is damaged when it is exposed to raised temperatures. Blow drying reduces moisture content in the hair shafts. This, in turn, will make the hair brittle and dry. To sum up, it is always better to allow your hair to dry naturally rather than blow dry it, every time you wash it. If you are in a rush and have to blow dry it, then you should keep a gap of at least 15 cm between your blow dryer and your hair.