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May 23, 2018 10:19 pm


Published on April 1, 2017 at 7:11 am

Melt the pounds with Apples!!


Apples can be listed as one of the popular and favourite fruits for most of the people. They are juicy, crunchy and even portable!! Oops, they are delicious too!! But another fact about apples is that they can help you with dropping some pounds too. But, How? Here you will be able to find a roundup of reasons few specialists say why eating apples may keep off the weight.

Apples mainly contain a high amount of fibre in it. And these fibres are known to enhance the feelings of fullness. Especially, the dietary fibre pectin seen in apples has been confirmed to increase satiety. When you feel full, you will not want to eat more. And hence you will not want to snack in between the meals. This, in turn, will help in weight loss.
Apples are less in calories. If you consider a medium apple, it will have about 100 calories. So, when you eat apples, you will feel more full and with a low-calorie intake. This is good for weight loss.

One of the studies observed weight-loss linked with consuming three apples or even pears each day.The fruit seemed to reduce the blood glucose levels thus helping the body to resist unwanted weight. Apples pack a whole lot of satisfaction for anything that has just about 100 calories. And when it is compared to a 100-calorie serving of potato chips or perhaps with some other packaged snack, you may find apples very filling. Moreover, the sweetness of the apples actually chains the dessert cravings too.

In addition to that, apples are even portable, and they also do not require constant refrigeration. Thus they make for a fabulous emergency snack or perhaps an office staple. And all these office staples, emergency snacks, and quick dessert fixes can help you in avoiding more fattening foods. So whether or not there’s a logical tie between apple consumption and dropping of weight, they are clearly a snack that is diet-friendly.

If you want to try out some meal and snacks, here are some ideas. You can try it yourself and be amazed.

In oatmeal
You can combine chopped apple to your morning oatmeal and thus you will have a crunch to the creaminess of the oats.
In a salad
You can cut half an apple (make sure that the apple is crunchy), such as a Fuji or Granny Smith, and then put it into your salad for a sweet/tart addition. You can also combine these to scoopable deli-style salads, such as chicken and tuna.
With chicken or pork
Have you ever tried apples with savoury? Apples go surprisingly great with pork and chicken. Stick with pork tenderloin or skinless chicken breast to have things lean. Throw a thinly sliced apple into a foil pack with few sliced chicken or even bake up a pork tenderloin with pieces of apple.
Yummy!! Baked apples are so delicious and are very easy to make. Though it seems like a little retro, most of them still love to have baked apples. You just need to pour a can of zero-calorie soda on the apple and spatter with cinnamon. Bake this at 375 degrees till it becomes tender, for around 45 minutes.
As nachos
For this, you need to layer thin slices of apple onto a plate, in a nacho style, and then combine your toppings of choice. You can top it up with thinned-out peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, dollops of light yoghurt, sweetened coconut shreds or even sliced almonds. But make sure you do not add it all since it will make the calorie count go up.
So, these are the different ways in which you can include apples in your diet, and thus it will help you to reduce your weight. What are you waiting for? Start packing some crunchy and delicious Apples!!