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May 23, 2018 10:09 pm


Published on January 4, 2017 at 7:27 am

Stop Criticizing Those With Only One Child


One of the famous questions that people ask after delivering the first baby is “You should never stop with just one child. He/She should have a brother or a sister so that they can be lifelong best friends”. Do you think all of the components of the “Perfect Family” will get completed only if you have two or more children? It is easier said than done since no one thinks about the reasons behind the parents sticking onto the ‘one and done’ strategy. When in a family, you need to take decisions jointly, and you may need to compromise on different things so as to maintain a good relationship. There might be several reasons for making important decisions in life such as planning a baby.

There was once a trend in which most of the families had two or more than two children.However, that trend has long gone, and people have started thinking twice before planning onto the second baby. Nevertheless, the “practise” of one and done is becoming more popular and is less of a stigma anymore. However, parents with one child should also be quite careful when you react with statements like “What? You are planning to have another child?”. Here we have listed some reasons why people may wish to be ‘one and done’ and why you might want to think twice before you ask the popular question “Why one?”.

1. The image of a disordered house brimming with children is not the thing for everyone. Some others would find it unmanageable. Hence the sticking onto one child.

2. When other parents ask you “why just one child?”. It maybe because of pure curiosity. Nowadays you find a lot of parents going to medical issues related to pregnancy. So, when you ask such questions, you may need to think about all these things. Sometimes those parents must have fought with infertility and just got lucky enough to have one child of their own and may not be interested in letting out the issues. Not all of us would have easy pregnancies. Losing a baby due to an abortion could also be another reason why they do not have a second child. So, it is always better to give some consideration to their feelings too. So think twice before you ask questions because every family will have their own different problems.
3. Switch on the TV and you see celebrities in their early forties or late thirties, walking the red carpet with baby bumps. However, that does not mean that we need to do the same. Your age does matter when it comes to delivering and raising a child. You need to have the stamina and energy to handle the newborn struggles like changing diapers, using breast pumps, managing your career and much more. Moreover, you also have to maintain the chemistry with your partner, which also should be given equal priority. All this will be a challenge for you if you try to deliver a baby at a later point of time.
4. Do you think more children will guarantee you with a better family? No, that is not true in all cases. With just one child, you can have just as rich of a family life as you can with two or three. “Mom of the year” award is for best moms and not for those moms who have more children!!

5. When it comes to emotions, you will be able to handle only one child. Some kids just take more work to the parent. It maybe because of their health problems, disability or perhaps a behavioural problem. We need to know our own limits. On the contrary, some of us are very easy going and get along well with any sort of situation related to kids. There is nothing incorrect with accepting that we do not want another child as we love the one we already have and only need to love that child.
6. Finances! Yes, this is one important thing you should think about. A child could be really expensive!! Some families make the decision to have one child so they will be able to afford the expenses after the baby’s arrival. IN that way all the pay for the child’s needs will be taken care off comfortably, and they will be able to live a peaceful life. So it is apparently not wise to tell someone who only has one child that “you can never truly afford a child, it will just work itself out.”

7. Not every family wants two or more children. They might just need one child. So people need to digest that fact. At the end of the what matters is that the family needs to be complete and happy. If the couple is satisfied with one child and doesn’t want to think of another, then why the hullabaloo over it?